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Stainless steel in Home appliances

Every home has many home appliances - a fridge, washing machine, air conditioner, TV - and many kitchen product such as pots, kettles and knives. These products are sensitive to consumer trend and the recent rapid change has made it important for manufacturers to develop faster products. With smart devices expanding its presence greatly among home appliances, the designs are no longer monolithic with white and have started to diversify. In particular, premium and stylish looking metal with colorful and geometric patterns are gaining in popularity. To be in line with these trends, POSCO offers a wide range of cold rolled steel, galvanized steel and electrical galvanized steel that provide good resistance to corrosion and allow for diverse surface treatment. To help home appliances meet their energy efficiency requirements, we offer electrical steel sheets featuring low loss of power.



What are some stainless steel applications in the energy and industries?

Other examples of energy applications that rely on stainless steel include power turbines, pylons, wind turbines, transmission towers, electromagnets, transformers, and electromagnetic shields

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